EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ‘Party Nails’

Hello everyone….welcome to Xustralia! It’s been a couple of days since my last post but this one has been one that I have been so excited to write up! Over the past three days I have had the privilege of interviewing new and upcoming artist ‘Party Nails’, due to us both living in two separate countries (I’m in England and she is in America) the interview took place in the most unorthodox of ways: via twitter direct message.

For those who haven’t heard of ‘Party Nails’ her birth name is Elana Belle Carroll, she is a 25 year old singer who currently resides in Los Angeles. Before moving to L.A. she lived in upstate New York, in the small town of Chatham, at the age of 19 she moved away from Chatham.

I came across the music of ‘Party Nails’ when she was featured on the ‘Neon Gold Records’ website (in which they discussed her track ‘No Pressure’). Immediately I fell in love with her music and was enticed by her club-esque nature.

without further ado, here is the interview:


KEY: X = Xustralia (me) and PN: Party Nails

X: Hello! How are you?

PN: I’m great, excited. How are you?

X: Excellent glad to hear it! Aww thanks, yeah I’m good! Right okay: for those who’re unsure, who is ‘Party Nails’?

PN: ‘Party Nails’ is me, Elana Belle Carroll, the songs and the world around the songs. Everyday I’m working on that world. It’s pop music!

X: The world you’ve created gives me some serious club vibes, it’s a world I love to explore!

X(CONT): Who’re your artistic inspirations? Or if not “who”, “what”?

PN: That’s a great question! I love Cyndi Lauper, Miley Cyrus and Dr. Seuss (the children’s author).

X: Dr. Seuss? Wow! What’s your favourite of his work?

PN: I’m not sure what my favo(u)rite book of his is, I admire his simple, easy perfection.

X: Before I forget, I believe congratulations are in order: congrats on ‘No Pressure’ getting 27,134 (figure accurate as of 2/2/16) hits on Spotify!

PN: Thank you! I’m not quite sure how that happened to be honest, someone must have put it on a playlist.

X: I for one love the track and often have it on repeat. Whilst we’re on the topic of Spotify: recently a lot of artists have expressed their dissatisfaction with music streaming platforms, what’re your opinions on them?

PN: I am definitely nostalgic for the days before streaming was how we discovered and kept music in our lives. I think it’s missing a lot of the great parts of the experience of listening to records. But it’s what we have at the moment and its so convenient and fun to use! It’s unfortunate we haven’t figured out a better way to deal with the money/business side but I think we will get there soon.

X: That’s such a good answer and I can tell it was sincere and from the heart! You’re definitely one of the most experimental upcoming artists I’ve come across and your music reflects it.

PN: That’s so interesting! Experimental in what sense?

X: I think you’re experimental in the sense that your music isn’t following popular music trends that have emerged recently. It has a fresher feel to it, yet it reminds me of eighties electronic dance.

X(CONT): so my next question is: in your song ‘No Pressure’ you sing the “no holding me back, don’t go, I can’t give you up”. If you don’t mind me asking, who is the ”you’ you’re referring to?

PN: The “you” in ‘No Pressure’ most literally refers to a person that was in my life. But in a broader sense it refers to anything that you need to let go of in order to grow, because it’s holding you back in some way. But you are having trouble saying goodbye to it.

PN(CONT): The song is about that moment when you realise that you have to make a change, but you don’t really want to. (when) You can’t even imagine how things could be different, but you know they must change.

X: That is so interesting and I think in some way or another everyone can relate to the message of ‘No Pressure’.

PN: Thank you, I appreciate that compliment!

X: For your song ‘Break’, did you do your own music or was it a producer?

PN: Break was produced by a friend of mine in Brooklyn, he goes by ‘Shadom’. We worked closely for a long time but we have branched out more recently.

X: You two clearly worked so well together but I’m certain you’ll both branch out to (bigger and) better things!

X(CONT): What’s next for ‘Party Nails’, any exciting projects that you’re able to share?

PN: I’m very excited to release new music soon. Add to the world of ‘Party Nails’ on the visual side as well.

X: Ah! Is that your way of hinting about the potential of music videos?

PN: Maybe!

X: What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

PN: I would love to have significantly expanded upon the visual side of ‘Party Nails’ in  a few different ways. Have people enjoy the new music I put out and maybe add something unexpected to the mix before the end of the year.

PN(CONT): Mostly, I hope to play some really awesome shows!

X: Personally, I can’t wait to see you explore the visual side of ‘Party Nails’, as an ex studier of film I can appreciate a good visual! If your music currently available now is anything to go by I just know you’ll not only retain and entertain your current fans but also attract new ones! This is definitely going to be a great year for ‘Party Nails’, I can tell!

PN: Thank you so much! I love positive reinforcement and it makes me so happy that anyone enjoys ‘Party Nails’ at all, it makes me so excited to do more!

X: That was my final question, is there anything you want to say to the readers before we conclude?

PN: If there’s anything I’d like to add it’s just to remind whoever is reading to be kind to themselves and others. It’s a weird time and world we live and it’s easy to forget to be kind!

That concludes my first interview! Big thank you once again to ‘Party Nails’ for agreeing to do this for me (don’t forget to check her out all links will be below!), and once again thank you for visiting Xustralia!

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‘Break’ (lyric video)

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ‘Party Nails’